Asarfi Hospital & Maa Asarfi Nursing School is located in the heart of the city, Ballia. The institute was established under the aegis of ASAP IMPACT Pvt. Ltd. (Registered under the registrar of companies Bihar).

The Institute was set up with the noble mission of providing health care and social services to the society. The widespread Asarfi Hospital campus was designed where the Institute expanded and took shape of a Multispecialty Medical and Research Centre of a high standard offering excellent ultra modern diagnostic and therapeutic facilities at an affordable cost. Finally, the Institute was dedicated to the public in July 2011 as multispecialty research and referral hospital in Ballia.


It is well acknowledged that a strong educational foundation is essential for the enhancement and success of any academic endeavors and professional excellence. The institutions are thriving under the dynamic leadership of world-class visionaries, Dr. Nayan Prakash Singh chairman and Mr. Harendra Singh director of Maa Asarfi Nursing School & Asarfi Hospital, Ballia. Their noble efforts are directed towards motivating the youth and groom them as competent, compassionate, committed & dedicated workforce ready for nursing in the healthcare sector.

This Institution with an assurance of innovative teaching practice focus on preparing Nurses with real-life knowledge with skilled professional credentials with excellent behavioral skills and with quality operational acumen ready to deal with demanding, complex, diversified Nursing care services with vigor and zeal.


Maa Asarfi Nursing School was founded in 2013. It provided a platform to the promising youths of Ballia who were unable to thrive due to the lack of proper educational facilities. Maa Asarfi not only helped the youth of Ballia to build a career in Healthcare but also provided for the lack of healthcare personnel there.  

 The school is situated in the sprawling premises of the Asarfi Hospital in the heart of the historical and religious city of Ballia. It is a pioneering institution in the city of Ballia and in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This institution provides an aesthetic learning environment with various teaching-learning facilities like lecture-session, demonstrations, work-shops, seminars and conferences etc.


  • To provide best and economical Healthcare through our specialized services. To be able to facilitate feasible healthcare for the needy/deprived through our rehabilitation center, sanatorium and Health camps.
  • To achieve a ubiquitous/global presence beside Healthcare, spreading across Education, Research & Training


“Service of the man is service of God” is what we believe in, thus forming the basic philosophy behind caring for patients with a spirit of devotion and commitment, regardless of caste, creed or religion and there for the college shall endeavor to train the students to acquire knowledge develop skill and positive attitude, as also enable them to carry out their duties and responsibilities as a competent professional nurse with the above mentioned ideals.


  • The Institution strives to pursue constant endeavors to build a high standard academic infrastructure with quality resources and quality facilities and create a centre of excellence in Nursing.
  • The Institute aspires to groom Nursing students as sensitive, sensible, successful nursing professional, who will be highly motivated to extend nursing care to people with all efficiencies and expertise.
  • The Institution, aim to prepare nursing students as tomorrow’s Nurse Leaders who will lead the future nursing society at national and global level.
  • The Institution intends to establish as premiere nursing Institution of the state and the nation.
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